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A condensed version can be seen by applying some filtering with the grep command: sudo iw dev wlxfe6f scan grep -o 'BSS.. Although this information is useful, it would be even more useful to have this data output in a CSV format. Unfortunately, the environment in which I was performing troubleshooting work did not allow me to install any new applications on the Ubuntu machines that I was investigating.

However, if you are able to install an application, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Wavemon. It's launched from a terminal window. Here are a few screenshots showing the types of information you can get out of Wavemon. To install, you just need to enter the following terminal commands:. Fig 10 - Wavemon Link Information.

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Fig 11 - Wavemon Network Information. Here are few useful references from items covered in this article:. Labels: Ubuntu. Ubuntu haters and criticists must be happy now!

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That being said, this default behavior is still a major bug and breaks functionality of wi-fi hardware for users, and definitely needs to be looked at. Thanks for your time! You just released an Ubuntu version that will not allow most of the users to connect to wireless networks! This is unacceptable! So many users will trash their dvds after seeing this bug! I'm so in to moving to another Linux distro!

Ubuntu Linux Display List of Ethernet Adapter

Hey friends, make sure you click "this bug affects me too" so that anyone who reads this report will know it's affecting a lot of users. I can reproduce the bug on Ubuntu The workaround in the first comment here does fix the issue for me as well so it appears to just be a poor default configuration. Same problem on SurfacePro 2 with Marvell chipset. Ubuntu should fix this config glitch out of the box. I'm quite curious if a fix will be implemented, somehow, and re-packaged in an updated ISO for Ubuntu Might be a big issue if WiFi doesn't work for clients out of the box, yeah?

Update with 1. The "preserve" default value means that NM will not attempt to change the MAC address upon activation. I just checked the source of "network-manager" on I think that "nmcli device show" might show it.

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If not, try somehow to figure out the default. I have this problem too. Adding wifi. A relevant question: Why does this only affect usb wifi dongles? How does Network Manager treat pci and usb devices differently? The source of the problem is the Linux kernel driver for the specific WiFi adapter or perhaps the firmware of the WiFi adapter. In most of the drivers, they have implemented the facility to change by software the MAC address. There are even tools to change the MAC address, like "macchanger".

Or, you can even use "ifconfig wlan0 hw ether ". Or, you can change it with NetworkManager, a facility available for many years already. However, it takes effort to reverse-engineer AP Mode or Monitor mode, so many adapters do not support these features.

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It is not clear how widespread is the problem. If you are reporting, please include which kernel driver is used for the WiFi and also what firmware is loaded. Have a look in "lsmod". Also affected by this bug on Ububtu The command is one line and I know some Ralink USB devices work poorly with power management enabled.

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I am also affected by this bug. I was about to delete Ubuntu This one line makes magic, but I had to read thousands of lines before finding it. On laptop integrated Intel Wifi no issue. My problem is a bit different. Eth0 connects at first but then disconnects. Then reconnect and work for a short time.

I solved it with wicd. I have a Huawei HGM router. I've tried other distro but it's the same thing. Neon The solution in comment 1 fixed this for me as well. I'm running It didn't work until I applied this workaround. I installed the future ubuntu Searching I found the following solution:. After this procedure, it worked perfectly. I consider the solution provisional and I hope they will correct it soon. At 15th June under Ubuntu All solutions proposed do not work.

I have continuous disconnections. Thanks for reporting that the same issue exists in current There has been a change in the default settings in NetworkManager in upstream so that the MAC address randomization is not enabled by default. Currently, Ubuntu I suppose it will get upgraded to 1. If you can connect for a bit and soon you get disconnected, then definitely something else is the problem.

Can you file another report for your case? You can do that by running in a terminal the command:.

In my logs, I see the message: " What is the purpose of installing this? No LSB modules are available. Located at I also have this problem running Ubuntu RT Wireless Adapter.


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This bug shouldn't be in a final release and it is inexcusable that it still hasn't been corrected two months later. If the substitution was successful, the resulting line is printed because of the p at the end of the substitution. Perl, where, as usual, there are more than one ways to do it.

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This one is the same logic as the awk above. The -a tells perl to split each input line into the F array. As some have commented, ifconfig is deprecated in favor of the ip command. So combining the various solutions and comments, I'd use:.

How to Find What Devices are Connected to Network in Linux

Ubuntu Community Ask! Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Viewed 89k times. But I need to obtain as output only the MAC address, like: ab:cd:ef ac ab:cd:ef How can I obtain this? Almo 3 3 bronze badges. Perl regex in grep "is highly experimental".

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