Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched

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Hope this will help. Thanu Thanu 1, 5 5 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. Oh sorry to hear that : , may be try to upgrade your xCode to 5. This worked for me, just a little sidenote: I had to create. After a reboot it worked.

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For anyone on Mountain Lion, your problem might be that you've installed Git 2. Visit the downloads page and select the Snow Leopard installation instead. This addressed the issue for me, while reinstalling Command Line Tools and fudging with other nonsense didn't. If you do install Command Line Tools, it will include an old version of Git, so to ensure you're using 2.

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As stated elsewhere, this is not really fixing the problem: it says how to install Apple's own git binaries, now rather old, and not how to get an up to date version. Correct, it does not install the latest version. But the original question, nor the described fixes or half fix in my case , ever restricted it to, or described it as, installing the latest version, though.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Log file shows:. I have updated the post with two more commands to workaround UniBeast MountainLion 1. For unibeast 1. Got the solution fellas, i donwlaoded an untouched version of ML and then copied it's installer in applications, anyone want it mail me on ashfaqprogamer gmail. If you have the Install Labels: hackintosh , installesd , unibeast. Anonymous January 12, at AM.

Anonymous January 14, at PM. Nam Nguyen January 20, at AM. Always backup your computer 2. Never install a new OS on a production critical machine till you are sure it works or you can revert to backup! These were files that worked perfectly well before I upgraded. Now I get the spinning wheel after every attempt to edit my drawing. Extremely frustrating! How do I fix this?

Everytime I use Dreamweaver CS5. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still broken. So where do I go from here please…. Im using cs 5 on a brand new iMac , illustrator crashes each time I leave it in the background. This only happens after my weekend upgrade to mountain lion. Help please!! My curser turns invisible in Photoshop In order to bring the mouse curser back I have click on something outside of Photoshop, than move back into it.

LR4 works fine. I get into CS5 and my mouse disappears…i too have to click in and out to get anything done. Ill keep reading to see if anyone posted a fix for this. I found out, that this is the case mostly, if I have some other app on another space open in full screen mode e. If I switch that other app to normal screen mode, then my cursor in Photoshop is back. My Dreamweaver is CS4 and works just fine now. Very afraid after reading this about upgrading to Mountain Lion as well as CS6. I upgraded to Mountain Lion a few days ago. Now I can not print from CS4.

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Epson worked with me for several hours. Their conclusion is that the problem is with Adobe and I agree. Anyone else having this problem? Anything even close? Seeing all of the other problems here with other Adobe software I think the solution for now may be to revert to Lion. Interesting, why would you print from Dreamweaver rather that just looking at it online and printing from the www? Since Upgrading to OS X Bridge loads itself 5 minutes or so after turning computer on.

All computer functions grind down to a near stop as a result, even if Bridge is Force Quitted. If it appears in there then it is set to open upon system startup. After ML upgrade, LR4 export only works occasionally and then first-time-only. After that the exported file is not visible in Finder. I have just upgraded to Mountain Lion and was having problems printing from CS4, quitting everytime I tried to print, I followed this on the adobe site and all seems to be working ok now. Thanks, Jo… I was having this problem as well, but the help link you provided fixed it! Everything seems to be working fine now.

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I was getting ready to downgrade just so that I could print from InDesign again. I am having a bunch of random issues since a clean install of Mountain Lion. In Photoshop my cursor keeps on disappearing and I have to command tab into a finder window or some open app and then bounce back into PS for it to reappear…which is short lived and then repeat over and over and over again…. Definitely having issues with this. This disappearing cursor is driving a lot of long time Photoshop users crazy, Adobe! Jump out of Photoshop again, and get it back.

It is like some evil gremlin is knocking your pencil out of your hand every minute. Come on Adobe! PP6 will not import ,mov files saying files are not recognized.

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Photoshop Immediately upon upgrading to The crash report does make mention of Extensis Suitcase. I read an earlier warning about MM fonts, and made sure none are activated.

Hopwever, they remain visible in Suitcase. However, they remain visible in Suitcase. Photoshop is fine as is InDesign. Are Adobe going to provide us with patches to fix these serious problems? Like most of us who have purchased this very expensive software, I am trying to run a business from my website, but am unable to update it until Dreamweaver at least works. I have the same problem. My cursor dissappears constantly which forces me to leave PSCS6 and return to get it back.

Happens every couple of minutes.

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This is costing time! The Wacom tablet appears to be much more sluggish in many aspects.

Pen strokes that do not apply, clicks that only register after trying several times, etc…. Very disappointing :. I have the same issue that appears on this blog. In Mountain Lion, using Photoshop 6. Thought it was my Wacom Intuos 2, so upgraded to Intuos 5 tablet and the same problem. Yes I can get the cursor back but only after restarting. Very annoying, does anyone know a fix or what I do?

mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched
mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched
mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched
mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched
mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched Mac os x 10.8 mountain lion dmg untouched

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