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After enough effort, I am able to build the colors up enough to see them on my lids, but it takes a lot of layers.

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You can definitely get there, but do you want to? With so many other wonderful MAC shadows out there, is it worth the price and effort? For me, I would say no. Ahhh what a bummer! I love the look you put together, although from reading the post I can see the palette is painful to work with. If the quality had been good, this would have been a great way to try MAC colors. I saw a couple reviews on the Navy, and it seemed pretty bad, too.

Yeah, I swatched these in store when they first came out and they looked pretty disappointing… and the MA kept trying to push it on me but nope.

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This is a bummer. What can I say? Pinning it to try and re-create this delicate, polished and rejuvenating look later on.

Doh, bummer… Those swatches are underwhelming indeed. I think I am sticking to my single pans for now: X tirurit recently posted … New Mac brush: I SO love your honesty. I thought your review was the best though. YOu speak the way I do and I totally understand your nuances. Am I the only one finding the shadows in palettes being of lesser quality than the ones sold separately? I am always disappointed. MAC kills me releasing these subpar palettes.

Especially considering MAC never goes on sale. Ahh well. More money for other stuff!

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You know you are the first person that I find is not in love with these palettes. Sketch, antiqued and Noir serves good on smoky eyes looks and Quarry and haux are good both for the crease and for nude looks. I just didn't find a purpose to poppyseed I think poppyseed is too sheer for my personal taste. This is my favourite palette!! I absolutely love all the warm tones, and the colours really compliment my light blue eyes!

I have been looking for a shimmery burgundy palette for ages and got my niece to get me this when she was in America, I use it all year round and love mixing in different pigments to top of my look with added golds and love the rose gold shimmer that's apart of the 9 colours. But if you have the cash then by all means give this palette a go. It is great for travel as well! Love this cute little compact. Very versatile great size to fit in your palm nicely. The colours are very pigmented. I purchased this compact through the M. C online store and I seem to always use this pallet.

The colours are just a gorgeous purple. There is a great variety of lights and dark's there for you can do creases and outer corners nicely. The shimmery eye shadows are very pretty on the eye lids as well and stand right out. I find that the eye shadows blend really nice and easy aswell when I use a blending brush. Very much worth it.

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The three pink shades on the bottom are by far my favourite combination and do for a perfect pink look. This palette is versatile and the colours can be used to make looks with eachother or with other eyeshadows. One issue I had however is I found these shadows difficult to blend.


I pair them with my MAC Paintpot in Tigerlily as a eyeshadow primer however I still find it difficult to blend and find that it can look really patchy at times. I also found that the pigmentation is good for some shadows yet poor for other in the palette. It was so great to finally find this palette with all the perfect colours! Mac shadows are so pigmented and blend so well!

I adore this palette, it has nine colours but I can create many looks with the palette by using the colours alone or by blending with other colours. The names of each shade are on the back of the palette. The palette is a mixture of shimmery, matte and sparkly shades of burgundy - browns, gold and mauve. My favourite colour in the palette is Star Violet, it is gorgeous with a metallic shimmer. It is a brownish shade but it does reflect a pinkish tone. I am careful when I use this shade as I can look too tired with it. I tend to blend into the crease sketch with the shade Star Violet covering my eyelid.

Star violet is a deep matte purple colour with a slight shimmer to it. The first colour on the bottom row, Haux is a lovely brown that is perfect to use for a day look.

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Antiqued gives me a bronzed look which I love. I love using it for a smokey eye at day time even. Embark is a dark brown and I like to line my eyes with this colour. Noir is one of the darkest shades in the palette, appearing almost black. Honey lust is one of my favourite shades which I love using during the day. It is a shimmery peach colour and it highlights my eyes.

Poppy seed applies silky and gives a nude look. Quarry is a plum brown and looks delightful used for day wear. All the shades in the palette blend well and apply easily.

The shades are very flattering and can be built up to use at night or toned down to use during the day. Overall it is a handy palette to have, great for taking when travelling to look glamourous on the go.

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I feel sexy and amazing when I wear this makeup. I feel like a bronzed goddess with the amazing shimmery shades. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. It has mad a big difference to typical dry skin areas: Once again Maybelline does not disappoint with this latest addition to the super stay coverage range. This foundation is super easy to use and it glides onto your skin smoothly.

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