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No conversion. Easy to use. I just want to share my experience with you. More than 2 years ago, I did a very thorough research of the solutions to create an enriched online magazine. I tested all the solutions online to see if the result was right for my company. Among the results, I tried Yumpu for 30 days of testing.

The solution was quite simplistic, so it did not catch my attention at the time. Yesterday, my company received an invoice for one year of using the Yumpu license.

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  3. 6 Responsive PDF Flipbook Creator for Mac OSX.

The company refuses to cancel the invoices. Personally, I find this practice of automatic renewal, very deceitful. For me, Yumpu intentionally intends to deceive its users. Who reads the hundreds of small characters before ticking the box? It is obvious that the purpose of this practice is to compel the client to renew involuntarily … Netflix uses to send an email after a month I think , before the passage to the paying. Moreover, the subscription is monthly, but oddly I received an invoice 2 years later. While if I had received it per month, I could have realised it and therefore close my account sooner.

Besides, be careful when you are looking for reviews. Yumpu created a lot of fake websites to make you believe that real peoples are enjoying this flipbook. For example: And the reviews have been desactivated for most of the comparison sites https: All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. Search for: Very intuitive, no special training required.

Supports all the most popular formats: E-books can be viewed on any mobile device with mobile-friendly HTML5 output.

Preserves the quality of the source file, keeping images and fonts clear and sharp. E-books can be easily shared via iSpring Cloud service with a short link or embed code. E-Learning mode: Detailed statistics after uploading to LMS.

Flipbook Software for Mac - Create and Publish Flash and HTML5 FlipBook

There is a watermark when you use the trial version. No built-in templates however, there are plenty of well-designed free templates on the web. No Mac version Check out this sample book created with iSpring Flip. Share the article: You might also like this. Case Study: Part Time Training Courses. CNC Concepts, Inc.: Blended Learning in Higher Education. How iSpring Helps Save Lives. Would love to get your thoughts on this flip book software http: Hello, I just want to share my experience with you. For me, this company is not respectable and I recommend you to find another solution.

Subscribe to our blog Stay tuned with our latest eLearning tips and tricks. Find a better way to create eLearning content with iSpring Suite. I read somewhere that Adobe has this feature as part of their suite, but I usually avoid their products due to the neverending, resource-hogging updates etc. I agree, Patrick! That would be a killer feature if Microsoft stepped in. Most of the services have pretty good encryption and data protection mechanisms in place. Good review! Would you recommend a desktop tool or a web-based service?

PDF is by no means the epitome of a lightweight format, so you may want to be on the safe side and employ cloud storage if it comes along with the services. Is there some safety in place with flip eBooks that will prevent them from being pirated or shared without payment?


6 Responsive PDF Flipbook Creator for Mac OSX _

Thank you. Thanks for the article. I am looking at using a flip book format to publish a Legacy book that will only have limited circulation to family members that is, not a business case. I have been testing Flip Builder.

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  • I like their features — embedded audio, playing Vimeo videos in place, etc. Have you tested these features in production?

    5 Best Flipbook Software for Mac Users to Stand out

    Hi Darren, it depends on the features you are having trouble with. Most of the minor issues I had regarding Flip Builder were resolved with a little browsing through their knowledge base: Both seem to do what I need, but neither has any kind or reasonable support. Based on your response above I am now investigating 1st Flip. Thanks for the help. Most of what I see are not American companies. They are located in China, Romania, for example. Can you suggest companies that are owned and operated in the U. I got flipHTML5 platinum to create flip books for a few of my clients.

    They basically said this is they way it is and it will not change it. When clicking the download PDF link, clients want an option to download a single page current page but this is not a feature either. Is there any other HTML5 software that is more customizable in these ways?

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    Many of the above options seem to be nearly the exact same. I need mac compatable software. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also I or my clients generally host the books ourselves so a cloud based option is not necessary. What's the best flipbook software for you? You may also like. What makes a good timeline maker for edu and biz?

    Top 4 Mac Flash & HTML flipbook maker software for OS X users

    Tired of extra paperwork, scores and reports? Find the right online gradebook and get a clear Hi Scott, Thanks for the article. Thanks, Darren. Thank you!

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