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Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is the same stateoftheart technology used by Dragon NaturallySpeaking the worlds 1 speech recognition software for the PC. LapLink Gold Providing the right technology is an important part of preparing students for future success. Nuance Student Licensing provides students, faculty and staff of accredited higher or further education institutions and public or private primary and secondary schools access to industry leading speech and imaging software at significant discounts for personal and academic use.

Dragon for MAC 5. Item model number: SAF So, if you were a qualified student or teacher, you could get Nuance Dragon Premium The manufacturer's support is, bluntly put - non existent, you will find more helpful information in user forums and blogs. Overall: Time saved and ease of use. I have never been fond of typing and prefer to be able to express my thoughts orally - I can do that and still have a written record or response easily available and legible. Pros: I am neither a fast nor accurate typist and this software lets me dictate all my documents, saving me hours of time.

I can create or edit all types of documents and forms as well as dictate on line with email or Web forms. The commands are simple to learn and it didn't take long to get up to speed, especially since I used to dictate in my prior legal position. The program is powerful and seldom makes a mistake and I speak quickly.

It has been a life-saver, freeing me from the keyboard. Invest in a good headset mic to increase accuracy and make the most out of this software.

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  7. Can I install Dragon on multiple computers??

It also frequently freezes if I have multiple windows open or programs running when Dragon is in use. This doesn't stop me from using the program, as it is an infrastructure issue, but it's worth mentioning as a heads up.

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  • I might just have to get more RAM to solve this problem. I also would love to see a less-cumbersome way to change capitalization or edit grammar with verbal commands but I am still getting used to that side of the program. Pros: First of all this is really all about the Medical edition of the software. I support 50 doctors who use this software on a daily basis. I have users who speak at barely a whisper and then I have doctors who will speak so loudly and fast to dictate you would think they are having a shouting match with someone.

    It can be trained to pick up speech patterns and accents. It's a very accurate piece of software and each version keeps getting better. The dedicated support team we have access to with Dragon is top notch as well. On average they respond to my odd ball problems within an hour and have some potential fixes. Cons: There are times when Dragon will start lagging and not properly dictate, this is annoying but it can be fixed.

    Since we use Citrix in our environment we have to occasionally run a program to restore vSync and after doing so Dragon is back to picking everything up. Pros: 1 Accuracy is one of the best things about it. I talk really fast, but it still manages to write down almost all of it. You can get so much done in such little time and ofcourse earn more. Cons: 1 RAM consumption is a lot with this software. You can't really multitask if it's open.

    Overall: If you are in language transcription business or medical transcription business or just have a lot of tying to do, don't give it a second thought and just buy this. It's incredible at what it does with Speed and Accuracy. It could really save you a lot of time but it takes a while to get to know the commands and get your voice recognised in all scenarios.

    Overall a great product. Pros: Voice recognition allows me to produce an enormous amount of writing without taxing my wrists and other body parts. Cons: It takes some time to train. Partly you train it, and partly it trains you.


    Nuance Dragon for Mac (Student/Teacher Edition, Boxed Version)

    You have to proofread very carefully as errors frequently slip in. It is not faster than typing - but it is easier on the body. It can also be hard to transfer your user files to a new computer. It's possible, but I had to get help from an expert.

    True Know-How

    Overall: I started using Dragon to reduce tendinitis in my wrists. It made a huge difference, and when I later broke a finger, it was great to already have the system in place. I use it for almost all "typing" on the computer, from e-mails to writing novels.

    Will This Help You Write Faster? Better? Demo of Dragon for Mac

    When I started, it was really the only voice-recognition system out there. I keep using it because I'm so used to it, but I don't know if it's better than other options that may be cheaper. Pros: Great software. Makes writing reports, emails, papers, documents so much faster than typing, and I am no slouch when it comes to being able to type.

    It also releases you from the tethers of a pesky keyboard! You can also program in shorthands to speed up the process.

    Who We Are

    Cons: Buggy. Works most of the time, but after long stretches, it tends to slow and crash. Save early save often. Save, close, then reopen after any new training to make sure that your edits are saved before a crash. Overall: Makes reports a breeze. Also, because you are talking out loud, you hear your ideas and they resonate better. You notice your mistakes more readily. You also do not miss out on getting some of your perfect thoughts to paper.

    You know, those GOLDEN thoughts that you have while you are busy typing and finishing out the last thought that you are still typing. Don't lose the golden thoughts wasting time typing, get them into the document fast! Pros: The ability to speak your words rather than type them. It is a useful feature for people whose brains work faster than their fingers and for those whose fingers no longer too well due to injuries, age or any other reasons.

    Cons: There is a learning curve to using this software.

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    It will not function properly if you speak as fast as you think although it still can be faster than typing for many. You must speak fairly slowly and enunciate your words well. Its functionality does improve as you use it more and it begins to better recognize your voice, but you will have to be a bit patient as it does. Overall: I bought this program for two reasons: The first and most important was for my Dad whose advancing age hindered his ability to sit at the keyboard and type with the dexterity and speed he once had; the other was for myself to verbally transcribe a long written document that I wished to edit on the fly, so Speech Recognition Software seemed a better solution than simply scanning the doc.

    Sadly, my Dad was unable to embrace the software's use, but it did serve its purpose for me and does continue to do so whenever I feel like speaking rather than typing. Pros: I liked that I could talk to my computer and write my articles. It was supposed to make my life a little easier. The whole idea is to make it simpler for me. For the most part, it picked up accurately. However, there are times when it didn't work like it was supposed to.

    Cons: Where to begin? It takes forever for the software to install. It worked great at first, but after a while, it lost accuracy. It wouldn't pick up the words correctly, and when I would try to correct it, the program didn't respond accurately. I often would have to use the keyboard and mouse to go in and fix the words later. I ended up taking two to three times as long to write my articles. On top of that, even after exiting the program it would continue to run in the background. Overall: You can dictate your work and emails which allows you to think through the problem.

    It does allow you to control the computer as well. Pros: I love that the more Dragon is used, the better it recognizes words and voices. I use Dragon in clinic when dictating notes, and the program transcribes flawlessly.

    Nuance Online Store Online Store - Dragon Home

    The program seems to remember previous notes and is able to spell things like medication names and medical conditions with no problems at all. Can add multiple users all with unique voice profiles. Seems that in order to use this software, you would need quite a bit of memory to support it.

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    Overall: No need for transcriptionist as Dragon is more efficient, and can keep up with fast talkers like myself. Pros: We have been using Dragon for years - while the concept is excellent, the execution is only fair. Easy to use, easy to set up, very nice "canned comments" and functionality to use. Cons: Errors are frequent enough to cause concern - going into, then back out of records for recording and re-recording can be problematic.

    Incorrect translations are frequent enough to cause concerns - translation of words like "thymus" into "time us" is not acceptable.

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