Externe harde schijf mac ntfs

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If so, what seems to be the problem? Sorry for the post being so jumbled, hope all's clear. Thanks for the help! Yes, if you skipped step 1 your Powershell will be looking in the wrong folder, so it won't have created the symbolic link in the right place. If you've already got a Powershell or command window open, you can make it change folder with this command:. We've reached out to you directly to help, but if anyone else runs into the same problem, we'd recommend undoing the steps you took, starting over, and making sure to include the first step.

Hi Mohamed, it looks like you're using PowerShell to run the command. I'm trying to do this on Mac OS Any ideas? Hi Sean, thanks for commenting. There's a how-to on how to do this for iPhone Backup Extractor here, I hope that helps! Hey Joe, you can change directory using the cd command. Try this:.

Thanks for this assistance! I too got stuck on the "you do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation. What do I do from here? Hey Jess, thanks for writing. It's the same privilege error you're getting? If you drop us a note I'm sure we can guide you through it. I guess this happened because I have renamed the old "Backup" file. Actually, it also confuses me a lot when u say "Once the 'Backup' folder has been renamed Hi Hogan, thanks for your kind words.

That second "Backup" reference is assuming you didn't change the folder's name, but simply moved it elsewhere. If you did rename it, you'd want to change it in that command.

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Tuxera–Read & write Windows drives

I hope this is clear. If it's not, do drop us a note. Or use iPhone Backup Extractor to move it for you, as the free version can automate this process.

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Hey Luna! No problem: on Windows, you'd click on the "Start" button, then type "powershell".

You'll see the menu search eventually shows you the PowerShell icon. If you right-click on that, you'll see there's a "Run as Administrator" option. Good luck -- I've asked our support team to drop you an email directly in case you need further help.

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If I were to delete the backup symlink in the itunes MobileSync folder,how will that affect the backup folder i used for the symlink in my other drive? Will the files inside the backup folder in my other drive be unusable? Hi, thanks for stopping by. Removing the symlink is safe: it will effectively just remove the pointer to the backup folder on your other drive. The files will still be usable, but iTunes or Finder won't know where to look for them. Great work. How do you come up with this stuff?

Did the manual method on Windows 10 using the command prompt with admin privilges and am now backing up my iphones etc to my NAS drive. Saving about 4Gb on my SSD on my laptop. Thank you. Really pleased it worked out for you.


DiskStation Manager

You do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation. It's my computer, who is not letting me change things on it? Michael -- if you're on a Windows machine, trying running these commands in a Windows Command that has been launched with "Run as Administrator". Works like a charm!

CDJ-2000 NXS2 exFAT/NTFS support....?

It is exactly what I was looking for to free up space on my C: drive. Thank you so much Aidan!

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Hi Kalveer, this message suggests your filesystem is FAT-based. I've updated the article to include a mention of why it's not possible to create links on FAT. I've also included a link to instructions on upgrading to NTFS. Good luck! Awesome instructions, thank you! I think there is a typo on step 5 for Mac. Howdy Greg! Having "Backup" in the path should be correct, as it'll ensure the link that gets created is called "Backup".

Makes sense? We've got something up our sleeves to make this a little easier in future. Keep an eye on the release notes. You have provided a fantastic workaround! One thing I wasn't sure about was at step 3 Windows - when you right-click to choose "Open PowerShell window here" , is that in the Explorer window of the now renamed Backup folder?

Eg, in the now-named "BackupOld" folder window? Hi Clint, thanks for your kind words. Aidan, I don't understand your instructions in How to change the iTunes backup location. We horen graag van gebruikers: Stuur ons een e-mail, laat een reactie achter of stuur een tweet reincubate? Alle rechten voorbehouden. Privacy en voorwaarden. Wij bevelen 2FA aan. Gebouwd met in Londen. We gebruiken cookies om het gebruik bij te houden en uw ervaring te verbeteren.

1. Connect Your Drive and Check /Volumes/

Wat betreft Wat is er nieuw? Wat je nodig hebt Om de standaard iTunes-back-uplocatie van uw computer te wijzigen, is het volgende noodzakelijk: Gemiddelde competentie met een pc of Mac 10 minuten Een goed begrip van het gewenste nieuwe back-uplocatiepad Een Mac met macOS De iTunes iOS-back-upmap automatisch wijzigen De gratis versie van iPhone Backup Extractor toont u automatisch de standaard iTunes-back-uplocatie van uw computer - en u kunt deze wijzigen.

Download en installeer iPhone Backup Extractor. Kies Preferences in het hoofdmenu kiezen Backups van de Preferences venster Het paneel "Voorkeuren" met back-uplocaties Klik op de knop Change om het proces te starten van het wijzigen van uw iTunes-standaardback-upmap. Het Explorer-venster dat verschijnt, toont een map met de naam "Backup". Dit bevat alle iTunes-back-ups die al op de computer aanwezig zijn. Om de locatie van de back-upmap te wijzigen, moet deze map worden hernoemd, verplaatst of verwijderd. Als voorbeeld zou men het kunnen hernoemen naar "Backup Oud ".

How to Backup iPhone & iPad to an External Hard Drive with Mac OS X

Nadat de map "Backup" is hernoemd, verplaatst of verwijderd, kan een symbolische koppeling worden gemaakt naar de gewenste back-uplocatie. Om dit te doen, moet een opdrachtvenster worden geopend. Klik dat.

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